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Canterbury Hospital

Emergency Medicine Network 1
Why Canterbury?

Canterbury Hospital ED sees 46,000 presentations a year, about a quarter paediatric, and is supported by a range of specialty units - with onsite 24 hour ED, HDU, O&G, general medicine and surgery, paediatrics, orthopaedics, geriatrics and rehabilitation, 24 hour radiology and pathology services. The Emergency Department is accredited by The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine for 12 months of advanced training in Emergency Medicine. Our trainees achieve success in the Primary Exam and the Fellowship Exam. We are networked with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ED for teaching and is accredited by the ACEM, known as Sydney Inner West Emergency Medicine Training Network. There is regular teaching for rotating registrars, and for a stable group of medical staff not enrolled for specialist training. We offer supervision for trainees planning to enrol for the ACEM non-specialist Certificate and Diploma qualification. Staff Specialist and VMO staff provide direct clinical supervision 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trainees benefit from them serving on the Exam Committees, and as examiners for Primary and Fellowship exams, and also the Non-specialist Training Committee. We have dedicated Staff Specialist conducting ED bedside US credentialing for CCPU. Fellow in ultrasound training, provisional and advance registrar posts are available. The ED at Canterbury provides good experience for SRMO going into General practice training.

Trainees have access to all network teaching sessions - which include:

  • The Sydney Emergency X-ray Interpretation (SEXI) one day - radiological interpretation course
  • The Liverpool Advanced Trauma Teaching Experience (LATTE) - advanced trauma course
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support training days
  • Ultrasound training days
  • HETI training days
  • RPAH registrar teaching days and ultrasound courses
  • Canterbury ED CMO and Registrar teaching days
  • Canterbury has a fortnightly OSCE preparation for the final Fellowship exam.

Full-time ED medical staff work 4 ten-hour shifts a week. Part-time positions are also available. Rostering is flexible and tailored to individual needs for study and annual leave.

More information?

For further information please contact:

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