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Interprofessional Family Conferencing and Training Program

The Interprofessional Family Conferencing Training Program is a new and unique patient-focused, people centred blended training program designed for NSW Health Professionals involved in family conferencing.

Whether developing a plan of care, discussing a diagnosis, treatment or prognosis with patients and/or their family, the positive benefits of effective Interprofessional Family Conferencing are well documented.

Through a combination of an eLearning module and simulation workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Effectively plan and facilitate a family conference
  • Empower the patient to be a key partner 
    in decision making
  • Learn techniques to skillfully communicate 
    with patients and their families
  • Enhance team communication and collaboration.

The training will be available in 2018 to Local Health Districts and Speciality Health Networks that have expressed interest in the training.  The train– the–trainer workshop targets interprofessional educators (or equivalent) to receive training by HETI in the delivery of the Interprofessional Family Conferencing training program. The training program will then be delivered locally by District/Network staff to teams of health professionals who have limited experience in facilitating and/or participating in family conferences (e.g. those with new graduates or rotating staff).  Staff who would like to improve the way they deliver family conferencing in their clinical setting and promote best practice are encouraged to attend.


A webcast was held on Monday 26 February 2018 with an expert panel to provide further information about family conferencing and this training.   A recording of the webcast is now available below.

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