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Comprehensive Assessment of a Well Neonate


Welcome to the eLearning module Comprehensive Assessment of the Well Neonate
This module is designed for clinicians who are training to perform a comprehensive assessment of the well newborn.
The comprehensive newborn examination is generally performed within the first 48 hours, or on discharge from hospital.

A certificate is issued on completion.


On successful completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify purpose and scope of a comprehensive assessment of a well newborn
  • Identify and differentiate the criteria for assessment by an accredited clinician for well newborns
  • Recognise criteria for referral  and referral pathways for abnormal variations
  • Identify normal newborn characteristics and physiology
  • Identify the key components of a comprehensive discharge assessment of the newborn.


This course is applicable for Accredited clinicians include Registered Midwives and Child and Family Health Nurses, Registrars or Resident Medical Officers who have completed appropriate qualifications and may qualify for up to 1.0 hrs of Continuous Professional Development.