Leadership Quarter

Innovation and change don’t occur in a vacuum. The best ideas and impetus for action may emerge from conversations between leaders, where they have the space and time to share and learn from each other.

Leadership Quarters are designed to provoke dialogue between senior leaders to discuss trending health leadership ideas. Recognised experts, thought leaders and researchers are invited to share their knowledge on topics aligned with NSW Health’s strategic intent (NSW Health Workforce Plan 2022-2032, Priorities 1 and 4).

NSW Health Chief Executives are invited to attend and nominate staff for these events including:

  • Executives, senior clinicians, senior non-clinicians and senior managers
  • Those with a role in shaping service delivery through their ability to influence the way in which leadership is practiced within the organisation
  • Identified current and emerging leaders in the organisation
  • Clinical and non-clinical leaders who would benefit from being exposed to new ways of thinking or working

Past topics include:

  • Trusting Leadership
  • The impact of social media
  • The wisdom of failure
  • Leading across genders

Event Outline

Learning outcomes

The events enable participants to:

  • Engage with recognised experts on various leadership issues that are current to NSW Health
  • Discuss and debate current thinking and emerging trends in leadership practice
  • Participate in a forum for executives, senior clinicians, senior non-clinicians and senior managers to connect, share, and learn from each other
  • Apply the theories and concepts underpinning the NSW Health Leadership and Management Framework to local context
  • NSW Health executives, senior clinicians and non-clinicians and senior managers
  • Events are scheduled throughout the year within NSW
Duration and elements
  • Quarter day to full-day events
  • Face-to-face and virtual events