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Leadership Quarters

Leadership Quarters is a forum for NSW Health leaders to discuss and debate emerging trends in leadership practice. The format is an interactive conversation with participants and International or Australian speakers who are experts in the field of leadership development.

Recognised experts, thought leaders and researchers are sourced to present and provoke dialogue on focused health-related topics. The events are designed and shaped to the NSW Health context and to meet a health leadership strategic intent.

Invitations are distributed to NSW Health Chief Executives to nominate staff for the various events:

  • Executives, senior clinicians, senior non-clinicians and senior managers
  • Those with a role in shaping service delivery through their ability to influence the way in which leadership is practiced within the organisation
  • Identified current and emerging leaders in the organisation
  • Clinical and non-clinical leaders or emerging leaders that the executive would like to develop by exposing them to new ways of thinking or encourage to actively engage in creating new ways of working.

Each event is designed to address a current issue or topic significant to leadership in the health care context. Past topics have included the impact of social media, digital disruption, the lived experience, mindful compassionate leadership, and leading across genders, generations, and cultures. Presenters are sourced from leaders and subject matter experts in NSW Health, academia, the corporate sector, and consultancy, aiming to highlight relevant research and best practices and generate debate. HETI co-designs the events with NSW Health organisations.


Nicky Baker
Senior Program Manager, Leadership, Management Development & Educational Design Portfolio, HETI