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Activity Based Management for Better Care


Welcome to the eLearning module Activity Based Management for Better Care.

This module provides all NSW Health employees with an introduction to Activity Based Management (ABM), and what it means for NSW Health organisations.

A certificate is issued on completion.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of Activity Based Management (ABM) in enabling health service sustainability.
  • Identify how ABM can empower you to make better decisions to improve patient care and support a sustainable health system.
  • Recognise the role that you and others play in contributing to ongoing management of a sustainable health system.
  • Consider critical functions of your role within Activity Based Management and the possible consequences of specific work practices.
  • Recognise how the decisions you make impact on the effectiveness of others who play roles critical to a sustainable health service.
  • Identify changes you can make within your work practices or behaviour that can contribute to a more effective and sustainable system.
  • Work actively (empowerment) to promote effective communication and collaboration with other staff involved in Activity Based Management through use of a common language (openness) and awareness (respect) of the contribution and impact of individual and collective roles played.


This course is applicable for all NSW Health Staff and for Health professionals and may qualify for up to 0.7 hrs of Continuous Professional Development