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Manage Aggressive Behaviours


Welcome to the eLearning module Manage Aggressive Behaviours.

This module contains information for staff on how to manage and respond to aggressive behaviour in the workplace. This includes information regarding undertaking team restraint techniques, escalating for a response, ongoing communication and post incident management.

Warning - This module contains information that may be emotionally confronting for some people. If you find it raises any concerns please speak to your manager or contact the Employee Assistance Program.

A certificate is issued on completion.


On completion of the module, you should be able to:

  • Manage incidents of aggression in the workplace
  • Demonstrate the CASS-IE principles
  • Demonstrate appropriate response options when confroted with aggressive individuals
  • Identify short and long term behaviours to deal with aggressive behaviour
  • Demonstrate escalating a response
  • Discuss restraint principles and identify when restaint is required
  • Demonstrate communication and negotiation skills to effectively manage aggressive behaviour
  • Discuss post incident management.


This module is is designed for NSW Health Nursing, Allied Health, Medical Staff, Security staff and may qualify for up to 0.5 hrs of Continuous Professional Development.