People Management Skills Program (PMSP)

HETI is re-developing this program to a virtual format. NSW Health organisations will be notified once enrolments are available. Register your interest via the Course Enquiry button.

Managing people can be highly rewarding. It can also lead to high levels of stress, both for managers and their team members. According to Gallup*, 50% of employees leave their work because of issues with their immediate supervisor.

PMSP provides education on key people management skills to enable managers to have a foundational understanding. Skilled people managers contribute to creating healthy working environments, which in turn enhance patient care, staff wellbeing and staff retention.

Available to all NSW Health managers, PMSP offers an integrated approach to building knowledge and capabilities to effectively support teams and positively manage challenging situations.

*State of the American Manager report, Gallup (2017)

How to seek approval to request enrolment

Prior to “requesting learning” you should have a discussion with your manager regarding:

  • The program requirements and session dates
  • The opportunity to undertake professional development during work hours

ISLHD, CCLHD, SNSWLHD, HNELHD, NSLHD or NSW Ambulance employees will need to consult with their Learning and Development unit for further approval that may be required.

Process for requesting enrolment

  1. Log in to My Health Learning
  2. In the Search Catalogue enter ‘People Management Skills Program’ or ‘PMSP’ and select People Management Skills Program (PMSP) Cohort 16 April 2020 Enrolment.
  3. Click ‘Request Learning’ and complete the approval request. To submit the request, click ‘Request Approval’
  4. [My Health Learning will send the approval request to your manager]
  5. Ensure your manager approves your participation before the registration period closes at 11:59 pm, 21 February  2020, otherwise HETI will not receive your learning request.
  6. Following approval you will be notified on 19 March 2020 and asked to select your workshop sessions in My Health Learning.


Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate coaching and mentoring skills
  • Use the DISC model to identify your and other people's behavioural styles and preferences
  • Confidently manage change in line with the organisation's values
  • Exemplify advanced communication skills and effectively build relationships to initiate and undertake critical conversations
  • Apply conflict resolution skills to reach a mutually acceptable solution
  • Formulate strategies to influence and negotiate in a health context
  • Prepare, present and facilitate an idea for change
  • Apply the principles of emotional intelligence to effectively lead and build teams
  • NSW Health managers or staff acting in a role with people management responsibilities
  • Enrolments are accepted twice each year. All NSW Health organisations are notified prior to enrolments opening
  • Workshops are delivered at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
Duration and elements
  • Over 4-6 months
  • Online Modules:
    Difficult Conversations
    Encouraging Innovation
    Enhancing Workplace Performance
    Empowering Teams
    Presentation Tips
    The Manager as a Coach