NSW Health Senior Executive Development Program

To meet future challenges NSW Health must have leaders who can lead organisations and people in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Cutting edge senior leadership requires the skills to lead adaptively, collectively and relationally with a clear vision.

SEDP provides an opportunity for NSW Health’s most talented senior executives to grow into the best leaders they can be. The Program supports development of high levels of self-awareness, adoption of multiple perspectives and partnering and collaboration across the system with political awareness and a strategic focus.

The Program builds and strengthens NSW Health senior executives’ capabilities to operate effectively in a broader range of senior roles within a complex adaptive system. The overarching long-term objective of SEDP is to build a pool of world-class executives who may be considered suitable for future senior executive and Chief Executive positions within NSW Health.


The Program recently won the 2019 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Gold Award for Best Unique and Innovative Leadership Development Program. It was also a finalist in the 2018 Australian Psychological Society Workplace Excellence Award for Leadership Development and Coaching.


Participants who graduate from the Program become members of the Alumni Network. The Alumni Network is a forum for Alumni to maintain professional networks, foster collaboration and participate in ongoing executive development.



Learning outcomes
  • Articulate clearly the demands and accountabilities of a senior executive and Chief Executive role, for example, leading the development of strategy, managing an effective executive team, shaping organisational culture and managing organisational performance
  • Manage the responsibilities of individual executive portfolios and demonstrate the ability to work across boundaries for the development of integrated systems
  • Engage with staff, patients, service users, carers and families of all backgrounds, enabling person-centred care within an effective organisational culture
  • Partner across the system, working within a whole of health approach, taking into account NSW Government priorities, national trends and policy drivers
  • Demonstrate political awareness and insight, and take appropriate action in a political environment
  • Critically assess the balance between governance, innovation, risk and business continuity across the system
    Deepen self-awareness to grow personal leadership capability, including defining personal style, strengths, behaviour, values and attitudes
  • Demonstrate commitment to developing the capability of others and achieving organisational outcomes through coaching and mentoring
  • Demonstrate high-level management capability and business acumen, including taking a business-oriented approach to the management of NSW Health services
  • Demonstrate confidence in strategic leadership and a willingness to embrace adaptive challenges
  • Demonstrate executive presence, including using personal leadership style to influence others, hold the space and present with confidence
  • NSW Health Tier 2, Tier 3 and high potential Tier 4 Managers and Senior Executives
  • Learning modules are held in Sydney with one module hosted by a Local Health District or Specialty Health Network where possible
Duration and elements
  • 8 months
  • 5 learning modules (2-day workshops) - 10 days in total
  • Immersion activities
  • Work on a strategic challenge
  • 360° feedback
  • Executive coaching
  • Work placements
Application process
  • Selection into the Program is highly competitive and involves two stages. Stage 1 involves nomination by the Chief Executive or Executive Sponsor and completion of an application form. Applicants that progress to Stage 2 will participate in a selection process (online and in-person assessment)