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Meeting the healthcare needs of Refugees

Course Background

People from refugee backgrounds face a number of challenges when accessing healthcare services. Understanding their background and journey can give all healthcare professionals a greater understanding of how to provide best-practice healthcare.


By completing both modules of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise people from refugee and refugee-like backgrounds.
  • Recognise how the refugee experience prior to arrival impacts people’s healthcare needs.
  • Focus on building trust and creating safety.
  • Use professional interpreters, on-site or over the phone.
  • Check that you are being understood.
  • Find out what other priorities the person may have.
  • Ask about beliefs around health, illness and health practices.
  • Refer patients to cost-effective, culturally relevant options, make it easy for patients to get there, and follow up.


This course is applicable for all healthcare professionals, especially those in client-facing roles and may qualify for up to 0.7 hrs of Continuous Professional Development