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Empowering the Educator: Self-assessment


Welcome to the eLearning module Empowering the Educator: Capability Framework Self-Assessment.

This self-assessment tool outlines the skills and capabilities that you and all NSW Health staff require in order to facilitate learning in the workplace. You will find the tool useful when reflecting on the way you practise as an ‘educator’. You can use the tool to identify gaps in your current skills and knowledge, and plan appropriate development opportunities accordingly. The tool can be completed at different intervals to track your progress against the domains, skills and capabilities of the Empowering the Educator framework. You can use the tool in many different ways as it has been designed to accommodate the different roles and requirements of educators across NSW Health.

You can choose to complete the entire self-assessment, or just focus on one or more of the four domains. Likewise, the domains themselves are each comprised of three distinct skill areas so you are encouraged to use the tool flexibly to suit your needs.

A certificate is issued on completion.




This course is applicable for all employees of NSW Health who facilitate learning in the workplace and may qualify for up to 0.4 hrs of Continuous Professional Development.