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Emergency Department - Silver Trauma


Welcome to the ED - Silver Trauma learning module. This course outlines the causes and symptoms of trauma in elderly patients. The focus of this course is to understand the physiological changes of the elderly and consequent responses to trauma and treatment. Case studies are presented for you to diagnose particular conditions in a question and answer format. A ten question quiz follows the learning module. The quiz is scored and answers are provided when you review the quiz. You can repeat this learning module as many times as you want.

A certificate is issued on completion.


On completion of this module the learner will:

  • Learn recommended treatment for elderly trauma patient
  • Revise physiological and other age related changes in the elderly
  • Improve your assessment of their risk of injury, responses to trauma and responses to treatment.


This module is aimed at PGY1 - PGY4 Emergency Department Doctors and may qualify for up to 1.5 hr Continuous Professional Development.