Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Research and innovation plays a key role in upholding our commitment to excellence in education and training. It assists our experts to better understand the training needs of NSW Health staff and how our educational programs impact their daily work.

We take an evidence-based practice approach that helps us to identify where there may be gaps in skills, knowledge or capacity amongst NSW Health staff.

We conduct evaluations and analyse feedback on our programs to ensure the effectiveness of our training. This data informs future curriculum development so that our work remains relevant and responsive.

Across all courses and programs, modern teaching methods and learning techniques are employed to ensure our training is engaging and effective.

Many programs employ virtual reality, gaming, experiential learning and simulation to bring content to life and ensure participants have the chance to not only develop new skills but also put them into action within the learning environment.

To assist us to remain at the forefront of health education and training, we partner with academics, other research organisations, other health education providers and health workers to undertake research and evaluation that measures the success of our training courses and methods and helps to build the research capacity of our staff.

One example is the Rural Research Capacity Building Program. This program aims to increase the number of rural and remote health workers with knowledge and skills in evaluation and research methods. It also aims to contribute to the literature on both innovation and evidence-based practice around rural and remote health care.

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