Courses and programs

The Intern Transition to Practice Program (ITP)

The Intern Transition to Practice Program (ITP) is a one day program designed for interns to complete during their hospital orientation. This program allows interns to practise applying knowledge using common case-based scenarios that are associated with errors/adverse events through individualised practice, real time feedback and close interaction with senior medical staff.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the ITP program, Junior Doctors will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of and be confident in some situations that have the potential to harm a patient;
  • identify the ‘red flag’ situations;
  • know when to seek assistance;
  • act appropriately to avoid an adverse event.

Training Topics

Topic 1: Introduction to anticoagulation

  • Anticoagulation facilitator guide
  • Anticoagulation scenarios
  • Learning resources - anticoagulation

Topic 2: Introduction to BSL management

  • BSL facilitator guide
  • BSL scenarios
  • Learning resources – BSL

Topic 3: Introduction to prescription of intravenous fluids

  • Intravenous fluid scenarios
  • Facilitator notes for intravenous fluid
  • Learning resources - intravenous

Topic 4: Introduction to delirium

  • Delirium insertion facilitator guide
  • Delirium scenarios
  • Learning resources - delirium

Topic 5: Introduction to urethral catheterisation

  • Facilitator notes for urethral catheterisation workshop
  • Urethral catheterisation scenarios
  • Learning resources - urethral catheterisation

Topic 6: Introduction to nasogastric tube insertion

  • Nasogastric tube insertion facilitator guide
  • Nasogastric tube insertion scenarios
  • Learning resources - nasogastric tube insertion