Our Approach

Our Approach

Our research approach

We aim to embed research activities and evidence-based practice across all our educational work so that we know our courses, programs and training directly contribute to improved health care in NSW.

The Research and Evaluation team provides advice, co-ordinates and conducts educational research and evaluation across HETI.

Working with subject experts, the team provides best practice advice to inform our educational work and program design, while exploring innovative learning methods to ensure programs are highly effective, engaging and responsive to needs.

Promoting educational research (the study of educational processes and outcomes) is an important aspect of their work, and is undertaken through the publication of research papers.

Educational research

Educational research is a scientific enquiry into issues related to education and learning. It is the study of educational processes and outcomes. Educational research belongs to social sciences, but often involves cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches.

Research aims

  • To enhance our understanding of how education and training can be best used to serve healthcare
  • To inform our educational approaches and program design
  • To enhance our understanding of how health workplace shapes learning
  • To make connections with bodies of evidence developed through evaluation
  • To contribute to the body of knowledge in education, particularly in education of health workforce

Research priorities

We have defined four areas of our research priorities:

  1. Characteristics and learning needs of our stakeholders (i.e. learners)

    For example, data use in non-clinical practice; characteristics of participants in cross-cultural courses

  2. Effectiveness of teaching methods

    For example, online and mobile program delivery; use of simulation; supporting education in clinical practice; program co-design with patients; higher education online learning framework; teachers characteristics and capabilities

  3. Impact of learning on changing practices and improved patient care

    For example, effect of mandatory training; impact of Leadership programs

  4. Epistemological investigations

    For example, the best ways to investigate educational issues in HETI’s context; research into evaluation methods; application of Indigenous ways of knowing in research

Best contact for research enquiries at HETI: Research & Evaluation team at HETI-HEP@health.nsw.gov.au