Research Community

Research Community

An important aspect of our work is our contribution to a community of practice through engagement with health educators and with the scholarship of teaching and learning. We design and conduct internal and external events, with a notable example being the Evaluation and Research Webcast Series and Health Education in Practice Symposium & Research Workshop (7-8 May 2018).

We also foster connections to a broader audience, reaching out to professional and academic communities of practice, through our online publications.


We have workshops and talks on topics related to educational evaluation and research.

Evaluation and Research Webcast Series

The Evaluation and Research Webcast Series provides expert insights on thought-provoking aspects of research and evaluation. The webinars feature presentations from distinguished speakers in the field of health education, evaluation and research, followed by facilitated discussions. This series will be of interest to health professionals who are interested in research design, evaluation and publication.

Health Education in Practice Symposium & Research Workshop

The Symposium & Research Workshop in 2018 was the first of its kind for HETI and launched the inaugural issue of the Health Education in Practice: Journal of Research for Professional Learning.

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