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SWIS-H Screening Essentials


Welcome to the eLearning module SWIS-H Screening essentials.

This module is to deliver a state-wide eLearning module related to the Statewide Infant Screening – Hearing (SWISH) Program. The NSW Statewide Infant Screening – Hearing (SWISH) program is an early hearing detection program for infants born or residing in New South Wales (NSW). Early diagnosis and appropriate intervention for children with significant permanent hearing impairment can lead to significantly improved health, educational and social outcomes. If diagnosed as having hearing impairment, newborns are provided with options available for intervention services appropriate to the degree of hearing loss and specific diagnosis.

The module is a single self-paced eLearning module of approximately 45 minutes of length.

A certificate is issued on completion.


After completing this module, learners will be able to:

  • outline the purpose and scope of the hearing screening
  • explain the basic anatomy of the ear and how we hear using appropriate terminology
  • identify the types of hearing loss being screened at newborn stage
  • describe how AABR (Automated Auditory Brainstem Response) testing works
  • outline the SWIS-H screening process, eligibility criteria and referral criteria
  • identify resources used in the SWIS-H program


This module is designed for SWIS-H Screeners:

  • dedicated SWIS-H screeners in large tertiary hospitals or places with high birth rates.
  • part-time and casual screeners and nursing staff including midwives, nurse aides/assistants, community health nurses
  • SWIS-H Co-ordinators.

It may qualify for up to 0.6 hours of Continuous Professional Development.