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Radiology pathology – Back pain


Welcome to Radiology pathology - Back pain.

This online module  designed for Radiology trainees provides an overview of back pain and related pathology. It focuses on the correlation between clinical features, pathological changes and investigative abnormalities.

A certificate is issued on completion.


On completion of this module you should be able to:

  • list the common sources of back pain, both local and referred
  • explain the terms 'spondylosis', 'spondylolysis' and 'spondylolisthesis'
  • outline the pathogenesis of lumbar intervertebral disc degenerative disease and describe its clinical manifestations
  • discuss the pathogenesis and risk factors for osteoporosis
  • explain the relevance of the T-score for bone mineral density (BMD) in the diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • list other significant metabolic bone disorders that can cause back pain
  • outline the contribution of metastases to the development of back pain, and discuss the differential diagnosis
  • provide examples of infective and non-infective inflammatory lesions that can cause back pain.


This module is designed for Radiology trainees and may qualify for up to 0.8 hrs of Continuous Professional Development