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Primary Exam Preparation - Anatomy


Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Primary Exam Preparation Anatomy course.

This course consists of multiple choice questions designed to prepare you for the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Primary Exam in Anatomy.

Each quiz is linked to the 32 week timetable provided, so the questions in Quiz 1 relate to week one of anatomy as per the study timetable.

A certificate is issued on completion.


These 32 Assessments will help you to study and prepare for the ACEM Primary Exam in Anatomy.

All questions come from 'Clinically Oriented Anatomy' 7th Edition by Keith L. Moore. Each answer gives a page reference from the book, and often quotes relevant sections to make your revision easier.

There is a revision set of 15 questions approximately every 6 weeks, according to the timetable. These can be from any of the previous weeks up to that point. The revision weeks also serve as catch up weeks.


This study resource is designed for Emergency Medicine trainee doctors who are preparing for the ACEM Primary Exam.