Financial Management Essentials Series (FMES)

The FMES improves financial resource management awareness, capability, and sustainability within NSW Health.

HETI’s financial management training is back! The revised program has been developed in collaboration with key industry finance partners and the Ministry of Health’s Systems and Performance Branch.

The three-module series replaces the face-to-face Managing Health Resources: A Foundation and Financial Management Essentials.

The program equips NSW Health employees with the capabilities to manage NSW Health resources proactively, efficiently and with accountability - skills they can apply in their local contexts.

The modularised program design allows participants to choose their entry point into the program pathway based on their knowledge, skill level and circumstance, enabling a scaffolded approach to learning.

The program is provided in an interactive, virtual, and cross-organisation format, allowing participants to share experiences and network with colleagues from across the state.

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Module 1 - Health Business Fundamentals

A foundational module designed for NSW Health staff who wish to increase their awareness in financial resource sustainability.

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Module 2 - Financial Management Principles

An intermediate level module designed for clinical and nonclinical NSW Health Managers with limited cost centre management experience.

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Module 3 - Applied Financial Management

An advanced module designed for NSW Health staff committed to improving sustainability. Participants identify an area of improvement or innovation which will enhance resource management efficiency and/ or improve service delivery. Participants develop and submit an efficiency improvement plan for review.

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