Courses and programs

Financial Management Essentials (FME)

Use your influence to maintain budget integrity and accountability. Realise your potential as a manager.
  • Make an impact when contributing to budget development discussions.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills you need to interpret financial information and effectively manage budgets and resources.
  • Gain knowledge and practical experience that can be applied in your workplace.
  • Engage with highly skilled facilitators with extensive health and financial experience.
  • Two-day face-to-face workshop in locally  conducted, supportive group environments.
  • Four online modules that can be completed at your own pace.
I thought that it would be all spreadsheets but I was pleasantly surpirsed by the interactive nature.I have a greater understanding of how to monitor and manage the budget and howit is created and distributed. I now know the importance of sharing the budget with all staff, making my team more aware and responsible.
Western Sydney LHD Information Manager, May 2015  

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  • 8–12 weeks (dependent on organisational scheduling)
  • 2 day face-to-face workshop
  • Self-paced eLearning – 4 modules, 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • Financial reporting assessment
Locations and frequency
  • Workshops are delivered throughout the year at the request f NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
  • Contact the Management Development Unit for more details 02 9844 6136 or
  • NSW Health  cost centre managers
  • NSW Health  acting cost centre managers
  • NSW Health  employees moving into  a role with
Learning outcomes
  • Recognise the key characteristics and use of budgets
  • Correctly interpret budgetary and financial terminology in a health context
  • Interpret and respond to financial information as a cost centre manager
  • Make and justify decisions based on review of budgets, recognising cost drivers and budgetary relationships
  • Implement Activity Based Funding (ABF) and Activity Based Management (ABM)