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Paediatric Physician Training in NSW

Paediatric Physician Training
JMO Recruitment for 2020

Fact Sheet

The Paediatric Physician Training Network in NSW is comprised of three networks: Greater Eastern, Northern and Western.

Each network has the following:

Clinical training across a number of sites

Trainees undertake training in a range of terms across the hospitals within the Network.  Trainees can therefore utilise the strengths and opportunities provided at each site.

Formal exam preparation

Exam preparation can be supra-regional, state wide or national if through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. The networks make use of technology to deliver training to all sites in the network.

Professional development program

The networks all provide the following programs: Teaching on the Run, Communication Skills, Leadership and Management.

Read more about becoming a Paediatric Physician.

Trainee's appeals process

If you feel disadvantaged by the arrangements within a network, and this cannot be resolved by the Network Governance Committee, the matter can be forwarded to the NSW Paediatric Physician Training Council (PPTC) for review.

NSW Trainees’ Committee

The Trainees’ Committee is run as part of the RACP and has two key functions: to run high quality events that improve the training experience of trainees and to advocate on behalf of trainees.

For more information on the NSW Trainees’ Committee, please contact

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

The RACP has various training pathways, linked to comprehensive training curricula, complemented by an extensive and wide-ranging program of on-the-job training, working with and learning from experienced clinicians. Becoming a physician involves a significant amount of training, time and commitment.

Visit the RACP website.

Introduction to Beyond Milestones

This is a teaching resource for trainees in Paediatrics.  Introduction to Milestones is a systematic approach to critical and quality observation of normal childhood development.

The resource is divided into three sections – Pre-Assessment, Teaching and Post-Assessment.

To obtain access to this site a password can be obtained from your Network Education Support Officer

Greater Eastern – Fiona Lamb –

Northern – Tracey Carthew –

Western – Deanne Harris –

Recruitment of Paediatric Physician Trainees

Information regarding recruitment of Paediatric Physician Trainees can be found on the Ministry of Health JMO Recruitment website.

Applications open on Thursday 18 July 2019 and close on Wednesday 7 August 2019.

A Frequently Asked Questions document for Paediatric Physician Training recruitment for 2020 can be found at the top of this page.

Information Sessions will be held as follows: