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Mandatory Training

Mandatory training is training that employees and contractors must complete if they work for NSW Health.

Completing your mandatory training helps you to keep the workplace safe and meet your responsibilities as a NSW Health employee.

All NSW Health staff must complete core mandatory training. Depending on your role or the area you work in, you may be required to complete extra training essential for that role/location.

PD2016_048 Mandatory Training - Criteria for Approval as a NSW Health Requirement provides the governance for NSW Health mandatory training requirements.


The State-wide mandatory training framework was implemented in June 2014 across NSW Health. The framework was developed to clearly identify and standardise mandatory training requirements for NSW Health staff. The framework identifies training that is either:

  • a statutory/legislative requirement
  • a requirement of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS); and/or
  • a Ministry of Health Policy Directive.
Mandatory Training