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Hospital Non-Specialist Program (HNSP)

The Hospital Non-Specialist Program (HNSP) refers to the PGY3-5 cohort of doctors working in posts unaccredited for specialist training in NSW hospitals. It has evolved from the previous Hospital Skills Program (HSP). This cohort of doctors has historically worked long hours in public hospitals without any formal training and with variable support.

In 2018, the NSW Ministry of Health and the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) proposed that a more systematic approach to the support of PGY3-5 doctors in non-accredited posts was required to ensure that structured and relevant professional development would be provided. In 2019 it was agreed that a professional development plan (PDP) process would be developed, piloted and evaluated.

The PDP process aims to support doctors in a continuous cycle of improvement and learning through determining their current level of competence and performance, in addition to facilitating the identification and achievement of learning outcomes related to their specific needs and career plans. The PDP is developed and reviewed through regular meetings with a supervisor.

Professional Development Plan

Coming in 2023 for all PGY3 doctors in unaccredited positions working in NSW hospitals.


In 2021, the HETI Medical Portfolio piloted implementation of a PDP process for PGY3-5 doctors across seven hospital sites in four Local Health Districts (LHDs). Following evaluation of the pilot, a recommendation was made for wider roll-out of the PDP process across NSW hospitals.


At the beginning of the 2023 clinical year, the HETI Medical Portfolio is implementing a supported PDP process for all PGY3 non-specialist doctors working in NSW hospitals.  This process entails each PGY3 non-specialist doctor developing and maintaining a PDP with support from and interactions with a nominated supervisor.  The PDP will meet the requirements of the new standards for annual reaccreditation as mandated by AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia.

The implementation process is supported by HNSP Directors of Hospital Training and Education Support Officers, who will monitor and report on the implementation process across their LHD hospital sites each term.

Resources are available to orientate and provide support for HNSP Directors of Hospital Training, Education Support Officers, clinical supervisors and PGY3 non-specialist doctors who will participate in the HNSP PDP implementation process.

The 2023 PDP Implementation Project Plan has been supported by the Ministry of Health and has been endorsed by the HNSP State Training Council.

Governance for the PDP implementation process will be provided by the HNSP State Training Council.


The following resources have been developed to assist sites, supervisors and doctors participating in the Professional Development Plan (PDP) project in 2023. Note: the PDP template is a guide and may be adapted for individual use.

For PGY3 Non-Specialist Doctors:

For Supervisors: