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The Next Generation of Leaders and Managers within NSW Health

Forge ahead with your leadership and management career in NSW Health today.

The Next Generation of Leaders and Managers within NSW Health Program develops emerging leaders who foster cultures of excellence, innovation and collaboration to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality healthcare to patients, families, carers and communities within NSW Health. Participants are able to identify emerging healthcare opportunities and challenges to proactively pursue strategies for improved service delivery within NSW Health.

The program will:

  • Profile emerging talent
  • Develop leadership capabilities
  • Build NSW Health organisation’s succession plan
  • Expose participants to challenges in the wider NSW Health context

The program consists of nine modules conducted over two years.

  • The learning modules in year one of the program include the BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management.
  • Year two focuses on areas including driving innovation, positive results, empowerment, shaping culture and connecting networks.

Throughout the two-year program, participants will partake in two workplace development placements, mentoring, the completion of a business improvement project and the completion of a strategic challenge. Participants will also have the opportunity of being exposed to different health organisations and networking opportunities through guest speakers.

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This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.