The Next Generation of Leaders and Managers within NSW Health

Building a pipeline of leaders for future succession planning is important for any organisation. A leadership pipeline starts with identifying emerging NSW Health managers and leaders and helping them unlock their leadership and management potential.

This Program develops future leaders who foster cultures of excellence, innovation and collaboration to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality health care to patients, families, carers and communities.

The Program:

  • develops aspiring leaders
  • profiles emerging talent
  • discovers hidden capabilities
  • builds an organisation's succession plan

Program elements:

  • workshops
  • development-centre process
  • Business Improvement Project
  • peer learning and strategic challenge work
  • 2 development placements
  • 360° feedback



Learning outcomes
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918)
  • Critically reflect on work practice, management style and organisational culture, drawing on contemporary leadership and management theory
  • Practice self-development activities to grow personal leadership capability
  • Demonstrate people management skills to effectively operationalise strategy
  • Lead and participate in development activities within peer learning groups, providing constructive, specific feedback in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate effective communication, seeking ideas and feedback as required
  • Build appropriate rapport through dialogue with patients, their families, carers and other internal/external stakeholders
  • Use open-ended and higher-order questions to identify key issues, elicit other points of view and clarify understanding
  • Apply a personal approach to leadership, defining personal style, strengths, behaviour and values
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the broader health system
  • Plan, lead and undertake work requiring a team approach to delivery
  • NSW Health staff in Administrative Officer Level Six and Health Manager Level One roles, who aspire to leadership and management roles
  • Workshops are delivered within NSW
Duration and elements
  • 24 months
  • Pre-work for the workshops
  • 9 two-day face-to-face workshops
  • 4-week to 6-month work placements
Application process
  • A centralised approach where NSW Health organisations can identify staff to undertake a development-centre process, which incorporates an online evaluation, a behavioural interview and group exercises facilitated by HETI with representatives from each participating NSW Health organisation
  • NSW Health organisations are provided with all results to inform their decision of which staff to endorse for the Program. All participants receive a development report to inform their professional development