The Next Generation of Leaders and Managers within NSW Health

Building a pipeline of leaders for future succession planning is important for any organisation. A leadership pipeline starts with identifying emerging NSW Health managers and leaders and helping them unlock their leadership and management potential.

The two-year Program is designed to develop leadership and management capabilities of future health leaders and managers.

In the Program, participants learn to identify emerging healthcare opportunities and challenges  and to proactively pursue strategies for improved service delivery to patients, their families, carers and communities across NSW. The Program strongly aligns with the NSW Health Leadership and Management Framework.

The overarching objectives are to build capabilities in the following key areas:

  • Developing and leading self and others
  • Operational strategy
  • Leadership: collective, relational and adaptive
  • Whole of health context and integration
  • Creating healthy learning cultures
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Quality improvement, innovation and patient safety
  • Leading, building and operating within teams
  • Managing people and teams
  • Patient and person-centred values and cultures of effectiveness

Program elements include:

  • Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918)
  • Nine facilitator-led workshop modules
  • Business Improvement Project
  • Developmental work placements
  • Mentor support and development
  • Strategic Challenge work within a health service
  • Visits to NSW Health organisations
  • 360° feedback report and coaching
  • Peer group learning



Learning outcomes
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918)
  • Critically reflect on work practice, management style and organisational culture, drawing on contemporary leadership and management theory
  • Practice self-development activities to grow personal leadership capability
  • Demonstrate people management skills to effectively operationalise strategy
  • Lead and participate in development activities within peer learning groups, providing constructive, specific feedback in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate effective communication, seeking ideas and feedback as required
  • Build appropriate rapport through dialogue with patients, their families, carers and other internal/ external stakeholders
  • Use open-ended and higher-order questions to identify key issues, elicit other points of view and clarify understanding
  • Apply a personal approach to leadership, defining personal style, strengths, behaviour and values
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the broader health system
  • Employ high level writing skills evidenced in briefs, project plans, reports and ministerial responses
  • Plan, lead and undertake work requiring a team approach to delivery
  • The Program is intended for NSW Health staff identified as emerging leaders from interprofessional roles in the early stages of their health management and leadership career, including staff employed at Administration Officer Level 6, Health Manager Levels 1 to 2, and corporate or clinical equivalent. NSW Health staff who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples are particularly welcomed to the Program to strengthen emerging leadership across the sector
  • A mix of virtual and face-to-face workshops within NSW
Duration and elements
  • 24 months
  • Pre-work for the workshops
  • 9 experiential learning modules delivered as 2-day face-to-face intensives (depending on circumstances)
  • Developmental work placements (4 weeks to 6 months in duration)
  • Individual and group approaches to tackling live complicated and complex challenges
Application process
  • A locally informed approach. Health organisations identify and nominate suitable staff to participate in the Program in alignment with the provisions of the target audience
  • Endorsement is by the local health organisation Chief Executive through completion and submission of a nomination form to HETI who will finalise the cohort selection
Course requirements

    Interprofessional NSW Health staff with a minimum of two years’ work experience