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Health and wellbeing during pregnancy


The primary focus of the module is pregnancy, antenatal care, and staying healthy during pregnancy, explored through four individual case studies. The case studies provide an opportunity for learners to apply knowledge to practice by considering a range of support and referral options for women experiencing complex physical, social and emotional issues. The skills of motivational interviewing are utilised to assess a woman's readiness for behavioural and lifestyle change, demonstrating the use of effective communication. The importance of cultural respect and safely in relation to improving service delivery to Aboriginal women and their families is described at the outset and demonstrated throughout the module.

Accessing this module

This is one of four modules within the ‘Learning Path – Strengthening Foundations’, that supports the development of health professionals working with Aboriginal clients and communities.

To access the learning path:

  1. Log in to My Health Learning.
  2. In the Catalogue field in the top left corner select Search and then type 'Strengthening Foundations.' Click the Search button.
  3. The search results are displayed. Click 'Learning Path - Strengthening Foundations'.
  4. The course is displayed in a new screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the four modules. Select the Module you wish to undertake. Click the Play button to launch the module.