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Prevocational Accreditation

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) is accredited by the Australian Medical Council and  approved by the Medical Board of Australia as the intern training accreditation authority for New South Wales.

The HETI Prevocational Accreditation Program implements and monitors standards for the training and welfare of prevocational trainees in their first two postgraduate years (PGY1 and PGY2).

HETI is responsible for ensuring the health services it accredits are compliant with the NSW Prevocational Education and Training Standards for prevocational training providers. Its functions include setting standards for education and training and accreditation of institutions for prevocational education and supervision.

Prevocational Accreditation Committee Position Statements

This outlines the PAC’s position on supervision and teaching provided by Prevocational Graduate Year 1 (PGY1) trainees or Junior Medical Officers to medical students.

Position Statement - JMO supervision of medical students (July 2016)

Position Statement - PGY2s as the most senior doctor on site (December 2019)

Report of the Review of Accreditation Framework for Prevocational Training in NSW

In May 2013 HETI commissioned a review of the governance framework and the processes within which accreditation of prevocational training programs operate in NSW. The report by Dr Josephine Burnand covers a literature review, needs assessment and a number of recommendations.

Review of Accreditation Framework for Prevocational Training in NSW final report-August 2013

HETI staff are responsible for different Prevocational Training Networks across NSW. Please check this document to see which network your hospital is in before contacting the appropriate staff member.

ResponsibilitiesContacteMail AddressContact Number
  • Networks 1 -15 - Intern Allocation/Recruitment
  • Prevocational Training Council (PvTC)
  • Medical Deans
  • Director of Prevocational Education and Training (DPET)

Dawn Webb

Program Coordinator (02) 9844 6554

  • Accreditation- Networks 1, 2,6,10 &12

Mai Perrau

Senior Program Coordinator 9844 6538
  • Accreditation- Networks 3,4,7,11 &14

Bradley Klose

Program Coordinator 9844 6515
  • Prevocational Accreditation Committee (PAC) Management
  • Accreditation Surveyor Management
  • Aboriginal JMO Forum
  • Accreditation- Networks 5,8,9,13 &15

Stacey Kennaugh

Acting Program Coordinator 9844 6529
  • JMO Forum

Korina Nand

Project Officer (02) 9844 6531