Mastering Attention Management

Working in a fast-paced and adaptive environment, the ability to focus is essential to quality outcomes. Consciously modifying one’s own behaviour to control distractions enables an improvement in wellbeing and an increase in efficiency and effectiveness within health services.

This live, online workshop assists NSW Health employees to feel more empowered in how they spend their time at work.

This course assists participants to:

  • better understand the role conscious attention plays in work effectiveness
  • gain clarity over their work priorities and objectives
  • proactively manage their internal and external environments.
  • Learning outcomes
    • Describe the concept of attention management
    • Prioritise tasks for effectiveness
    • Design SMART goals Identify strategies that can help manage attention
    • Implement self-care and personal wellbeing strategies
    • NSW Health staff
    • Workshops are scheduled at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
    Duration and elements
    • 4 hour workshop
    • Requirements:
    • These workshops are designed for staff to participate in online group discussions via an individual computer, not in a shared physical setting with other participants.
    • Technology: 
    • Computer/ laptop
    • Webcam
    • Audio (computer speakers or headphones) and Microphone or call in via phone
    • Fast and reliable internet connection
    • Location:
    • A quiet space to work individually without disruptions