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Radiology Network Training Program

Establishment of Radiology Training Networks

HETI has been requested by the NSW Ministry of Health to progress the establishment of Radiology Training networks in NSW. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) Radiology Network Training Policy requirements are that radiology training is to be networked for the intake of trainees for the 2016 clinical year.

The Chief Executives of the Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Specialty Networks (SNs) at their Workforce Advisory Group meeting in 26 February 2015, made the following determinations for Radiology training networks in NSW:

  • There will be a single Wide Area Network (WAN) across the State with responsibility for overseeing governance, education strategic planning and centralised recruitment to training networks.  It was proposed that the Chair of the WAN would be a rotational position shared between the Network Directors of the Local Area Networks (LANs).
  • NSW Health will implement the 3 Local Area Network (3 LAN) model, which is in alignment with RANZCR and HETI principles for network training.

Table Radiology Training in NSW – Local Area Networks

  • HETI has appointed and funded a Network Manager position for the WAN for a period of two years to support the establishment of Radiology training networks. The goal of this position, as advised by the Radiology Training Working Group, is to work towards the self-sufficiency of LANs and the WAN within 2 years.

Resourcing for Radiology Networks

LHDs/SNs will come together as part of the formation of their respective LANs and undertake to resource the required components of the LAN. The RANZCR Radiology Network Training Policy requirements are that each LAN will have a Network Director of Training and that, to function effectively; each LAN should also have a Network Education Support Officer to support training administration.

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Radiology Anatomy Course

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Radiology Physics Course

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Radiology Part 2 Exam Preparation Course

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