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Team Restraint Techniques (VPM Workshop)


Welcome to the Workshop Team Restraint Techniques.

This workshop addresses training requirements for NSW Health staff who are responsible for assessing, caring for, treating, case managing or providing other services to forensic and/or correctional patients; and/or staff who work in Mental Health facilities.


This training will address the principles of physical/manual restraint to ensure these interventions are respectfully and safely applied.

By the end of the workshop the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify risks associated with the use of physical restraint and seclusion in a healthcare setting
  2. Describe the physical and psychological impacts of restraint and seclusion from a patient perspective
  3. Follow organisational safety procedures
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively with patients before, during and after restraint and seclusion
  5. Use verbal and non-verbal communication strategies with colleagues to ensure safety of staff and patients
  6. Match appropriate restraint techniques to the level of aggression across age and special population group needs
  7. Demonstrate the application of safe, therapeutic and least restrictive physical restraint techniques utilising the safe placement of force
  8. Coordinate and use team restraint techniques
  9. Employ resolution and post restraint management techniques
  10. Plan seclusion reduction strategies that can be employed within the context of own workplace


Staff identified as potentially involved in physical restraint of other individuals.