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Basic Physician Training In NSW

Basic Physician Training in NSW

Basic Physician Training or BPT is a period of clinical training for a career as a physician that leads up to the Part 1 FRACP Examination of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). In NSW you may apply to join a BPT Network during your second postgraduate training year (PGY2), for entry at the start of PGY3.

Benefits and Strengths of the NSW Basic Physician Training Program

The NSW Basic Physician Training Program offers trainees a coordinated, networked approach to training that brings together the health system, hospitals, Medical College and experienced doctors to ensure that the on-the-job training available in NSW is the best on offer in Australia.

Training is delivered in accredited hospitals and health services across the state, offering trainees equity in the access to best-quality education and training while sustainably fulfilling the service needs required throughout NSW.

Trainees work, learn and gain experience in a range of accredited hospitals and health services across NSW throughout their time on the BPT program. The program facilitates exposure to a broad range of discipline areas and enables trainees to learn in the workplace and with the support of consultants and peers.

To complete Basic Physician Training, trainees need to accredit 36 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) training with the RACP. In NSW, trainees need to apply for and be appointed to a BPT Network.

Following completion of all requirements of the BPT program, progression to Advanced Training is possible. Further details of the RACP program and requirements can be found on the RACP website.

How NSW Training Networks Function to Benefit Trainees and Services

In NSW, the Networked approach to BPT involves collaboration between the NSW Ministry of Health, the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) and Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks to achieve the best outcomes for trainees.

A training network is a group of RACP accredited hospitals that work together to provide a diversity of training opportunities to Basic Physician Trainees who are members of the RACP. Training Networks are made up of hospitals in metropolitan, regional and rural locations that trainees rotate through during their training.

There are 11 Basic Physician Training Networks in NSW, each of which includes metropolitan, regional and rural RACP-accredited training sites.

Each Network has a Network Director of Physician Education (NDPE), and Education Support Officer (ESO) and one or more Directors of Physician Education (DPE) at each training site. Further information on each Network can be found on their websites or by contacting the corresponding Education Support Officer.

Progression to and Information About Advanced Training

Following successful completion of Basic Training, Advanced Training is the final component of a minimum six-year training program to become a physician and a Fellow of the RACP. 35 specialty programs are available at Advanced Training level. Detailed information about the Advanced Training program and its requirements can be found on the RACP website.

How to Join a Basic Physician Training Network in NSW

In NSW, Trainees can join a Training Network during the Annual Medical Recruitment campaign (July-October) for a length of training contract. Recruitment into Basic Physician Training is a collaborative venture of NSW Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks and individual Basic Physician Training Networks. HETI supports the organisation and administration of the annual medical recruitment process through a central location, interviewing and document collation.

Further information on the Annual Medical Recruitment campaign can be found on the NSW Ministry of Health website.

A requirement of joining a Basic Physician Training Network is selection into the RACP Fellowship training program.

Further information on this program, including entry prerequisites and training requirements, can be found on the RACP website.

Vacancies in training networks may occasionally exist outside of the annual recruitment campaign (July-October). These are managed on a Network by Network basis through the NSW Health Careers or I Work for NSW websites. Information regarding the opportunities and training available within each Network can be obtained from the Network Director of Physician Education, the Education Support Officer or during group information sessions held by each Network in the lead up to annual recruitment.

Joining the RACP

To qualify for accredited positions within Networks, trainees need to also join the RACP. Further details of the College’s selection process for the Fellowship Program can be found on the RACP website.