Research Webcast Series

Evaluation and Research Webcast Series

A series of webinars that provides expert insights on thought-provoking aspects of research and evaluation. The webinars feature presentations from distinguished speakers in the field of health education and research, follow by facilitated discussions.

This series is facilitated by Professor Kichu Nair and will be of interest to health professionals who are interested in research design, evaluation and publication.

Our webinar content is recorded and available for viewing below.

Professor Rohan Walker shares his insights on how emotions can influence workplace decision-making and his work with The Australian Defence Force to create new training approaches for emotional resilience and stress management. Download event flyer

Prof. Tim Wilkinson shares insights on how we learn, and what we know about learning on the job that can promote effective learning in the workplace. Download event flyer

Professor Trevor Gibbs explores a more modern definition of collaboration and what can be achieved by two organisations establishing an international collaborative activity. Download event flyer

Professor Brian Jolly shares contemporary views on simulation in clinical education and discusses whether simulation will replace clinical experience in the future. Download event flyer

A showcase of four peer-reviewed research papers from NSW Health professionals. Download event flyer

Professor Olle ten Cate discusses how Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) can increase the level of responsibility and autonomy of health students and professionals. Download event flyer

Dr Karen D’Souza and Assoc Prof Bunmi Malau-Aduli discusses the challenges COVID-19 has created for the field of health professional education assessment. Download event flyer

Professor Subha Ramani discusses the impact of feedback conversations through the perspective of learners, teachers and institutions, always focussing on learner growth. Download event flyer

Professor Peter Hockey explores the concept of Education Quality – the challenges of the definition of ‘education quality’ and how we demonstrate this in health professional education. Download event flyer

Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley, an academic clinician, researcher and scientist discusses the need to publish research in peer reviewed journals, how to do this, what journals are looking for in your submission and avoiding common pitfalls when submitting to journals. Download event flyer

Professor Lambert Schuwirth, Strategic Professor in Medical education from Flinders University discusses the ‘why’ of health professional education research, what constitutes as evidence and rigour and some major caveats and considerations when designing research projects. Download event flyer