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Grievance Management for Managers (Workshop)


Welcome to the Grievance Management for Managers Workshop.

This highly interactive workshop provides learners with the opportuntiy to practice their skills in working with staff to to address workplace grievances.

A certificate is issued on completion of the learning path.


At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Conduct an initial assessment of a complaint to determine the most appropriate pathway for management
  • Collect and analyse information relevant to a grievance and make a determination on the best option/s for resolution
  • Demonstrate the ability to use effective interpersonal skills including active listening and questioning techniques when managing a grievance situation
  • Support a staff member to undertake self-resolution of their grievance
  • Facilitate a grievance resolution discussion between two people
  • Demonstrate the ability to stay focused on the issue when faced with a challenging situation
  • Demonstrate appropriate record keeping, procedural fairness, timeliness and confidentiality when managing a grievance.


This workshop is designed for all NSW Health managers and may consist of up to 1 day of Continuous Professional Development.