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Empowering all to Educate


Welcome to the eLearning module Empowering all to Educate.

As part of the Empowering the Educator pathway, this module aims to enable NSW Health staff to become skilled at facilitating learning in the workplace. The empowerment of educators demonstrates a commitment to grow and support a skilled workforce in NSW Health. This module aims to introduce the roles and responsibilities of staff providing education and to encourage these staff to consider their own ongoing professional development.

A certificate is issued on completion.


After you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities associated with providing education in NSW Health
  • Outline strategies to build relationships that support learning
  • Reflect on and apply the CORE values of NSW Health as they relate to your role in providing learner focused education
  • Use the Empowering the Educator capability framework to identify your current skills and plan areas for professional development.


This course is applicable for all NSW Health staff members who facilitate learning or provide education or aspire to this role and may qualify for up to 0.4 hrs of Continuous Professional Development.