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Capacity Workshop


Welcome to Capacity Workshop.

This workshop aims to increase your abiliity and confidence in:

  • when to assess capacity
  • how to assess capacity

The module was developed in collaboration with senior clinicians from St Vincent's Hospital Network and NSW Health. It consists of three main parts:

  1. Pre-Evaluation tool - ten scenario-based questions to evaluate competence and confidence in assessing capacity. You need to complete this to gain access to the core content.
  2. Core content - learn when and how to assess capacity through interactive video role-plays.
  3. Post-Evaluation tool - the same ten questions re-evaluate competence and confidence after completing the core content.

A certificate is issued on completion.


The workshop will help you:

  • recognise that medical officers can initiate and assess a patient's "decision-making capacity" (capacity)
  • recognise when you need to undertake a capacity assessment (TRAP)
  • assess whether a patient lacks capacity despite your best efforts to support their decision-making ("weigh up the FACTS")
  • recognise when it is reasonable to be uncertain, who can support you, and when to refer to a specialist clinician
  • recognise what to do when you are unable to obtain consent to medical treatment.


This module is designed for medical officers and may qualify for up to 0.7 hours of Continuous Professional Development.