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Vaccine Storage and Cold Chain Management


Welcome to the eLearning module Vaccine Storage and Cold Chain Management.

The cold chain is the system of transporting and storing vaccines. The system is designed to ensure vaccines are potent to administer to patients. This module shows you how to make sure that vaccines are managed correctly, but also explores what to do if vaccines are found to be outside of the correct temperature range. You will need to complete a series of activities as you progress through this module. You can follow the instructions on screen to complete each activity.

A certificate is issued on completion.


  • follow correct steps to receive and stock vaccine in the purpose built vaccine refrigerator (vaccine fridge)
  • monitor the vaccine fridge temperature appropriately to ensure effective vaccine cold chain management
  • follow the required steps to manage a cold chain breach
  • perform annual cold chain management self-audits


This module is designed for All staff involved in the handling of vaccines. It may qualify for up to 0.8 hours of Continuous Professional Development.