Leadership and Management Development Courses for Health Professionals

NSW Health is responding to support the communities of NSW during unprecedented times. In line with this response, HETI is progressively adapting its Leadership and Management Development courses to virtual formats, continuing to support NSW Health staff and strategically meeting local needs in formats that are flexible and easily accessible.

Developing people, collective talent and leadership capabilities across NSW Health

We offer a range of award-winning, evidence-based leadership and management programs to develop the capabilities of our health leaders and support high-functioning and collaborative environments for individuals and teams.

Designed in collaboration with the NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Health partner organisations and subject matter experts, the programs are grounded in best practice adult learning principles and empirical evidence, and reflect NSW Health's distinctive environment.

The programs are underpinned by the NSW Health Leadership and Management Framework, and are aligned to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and the NSW State Health Plan: Towards 2021 priority of 'Supporting and Developing our Workforce'.


Virtual Classroom Series

Join colleagues across NSW in interactive online workshops and develop a tool kit of skills and strategies to foster positive communication, enhance efficient work practices and create conflict resilient teams.


Leadership and Management Development pathway

Discover our Leadership & Management Development courses and programs by clicking the blocks on the pathway image below.

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