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Health Services and Support Organisations are part of the NSW Public Sector and its governance and accountability framework. Boards must have effective governance and risk management processes in place to ensure compliance with this wider public sector framework.

HETI was established under the Health Services Act 1997 as a Chief Executive Governed Statutory Health Corporation. In lieu of a board the Chief Executive operates under Sections 52B, 52C and 52E of the Act.

The Chief Executive has equivalent authority to a Board and answers to the NSW Health Secretary who reports to the Premier of NSW Government.

The role and function of NSW Health organisations are principally set out in two Acts, the Health Administration Act 1982 and the Health Services Act 1997. This is complemented by a corporate governance framework which distributes authority and accountability through the public health system.

Governance Committees

Under Section 52, the Chief Executive can establish committees to assist in managing and delivering on any HETI function. In relation to governance the following committees have been established to assist the Chief Executive:

  1. The HETI Executive meeting

    Consisting of the Chief Executive, all Portfolio Directors and the Director of People and Culture. This committee meets monthly (excluding December), and supports the Chief Executive on strategic issues including the formulation of HETI’s strategic direction and Strategic Plan.

  2. The HETI Finance and Performance Committee  

    Consisting of the Chief Executive, all Portfolio Directors, and the Director Finance and Business Support. This committee meets monthly and monitors HETI’s operational and financial performance and risk.

  3. The Audit and Risk Management Committee 

    Consisting of an Independent Chair and two external Independent Members. This committee is established in compliance with a Policy Directive from the Ministry of Health to provide independent assistance to the Chief Executive by overseeing and monitoring HETI’s governance, risk and control frameworks, and its external accountability requirements. The committee meets four times per year.


As part of the NSW Ministry of Health, HETI receives ongoing funding through an annual budget allocation from the Ministry of Health.  This funding and associated Service Agreement with the Ministry of Health provides a financial guarantee for HETI to continue providing services in line with its agreed functions. It is acknowledged that the Medical Board through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) also provides funds to support our activities.

HETI uses an external agency to provide internal audit services. Our financial accounts audited annually by the NSW Auditor General with reports presented to the NSW Parliament.

Audited financial statements for the Health Education and Training Institute can be accessed from the Annual Reports pages.