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Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in My Health Learning

Under the National Law, which governs the operations of the National Boards and Australian Health Professionals Registration Authority (AHPRA), all registered health practitioners must undertake CPD.

Link to AHPRA

The CPD requirements of each National Board are detailed in the Registration Standards for each profession, and are published on each Board website. This details the number of credits/points/hours practitioners must spend each year on learning activities.

In the course information in My Health Learning, there is a field that gives the course duration. The initial allocation of the length of time a course should take to complete is determined by the developer of the course. This is reviewed by HETI after a significant number of users have completed the course.

It is up to the individual user to discern whether the course is appropriate for their personal needs or profession. HETI provides an accurate perspective of the average duration, and the ability to record the offerings that have successfully been completed.