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Recognising Domestic and Family Violence


Welcome to the eLearning module Recognising to Domestic and Family Violence.

This module is designed to help clinical staff in emergency departments identify and appropriately respond to domestic violence.

A certificate is issued on completion.


The performance objectives for this module are to:

  • Identify the prevalence of domestic violence and its physical and psychosocial impacts on health
  • Assess the safety issues and risks for women and children attending emergency department who may be experiencing domestic violence
  • Recognise and use processes and requirements for reporting to police and child protection services (including using the MRG and contacting the CWU when considering making a child protection report)
  • Recognise and use referral services for women who experience domestic violence
  • Identify and use self-care strategies when working with people who are experiencing domestic violence. It is not the intent of this module to focus on the medical aspects of the scenarios, but rather the process of identifying indicators of domestic violence.


This module is designed for clinical staff in emergency departments and may qualify for up to 0.5 hrs of Continuous Professional Development.