The STEP UP Course – preparing to be the in-charge registrar

Step upThe following is a series of links to established  educational modules and learning activities. We have set them out in an “ABCD”  order, although they can be done in any order. We recommend you work your way  through these in the months prior to commencing your first set of “in-charge”  shifts. That will give you plenty of time to identify areas you feel unsure about,  and discuss these further with the FACEMs at your hospital. That will also  allow time to practise some of the skills you may feel unsure of in simulated  or supervised settings.

This is by no means a comprehensive set of senior training  modules, we have focussed on the common areas that many trainees feel insecure  about. We hope that the 15 hours of interactive learning will make you feel  more confident as you progress to this next exciting stage. As you access these  resources, you will see many other learning modules – feel free to explore  these too if they are of benefit at your stage. In your academic travels, if  you find other excellent teaching modules or resources, please let us know about  them.

(30 min)

Click on “My health learning” top right corner, sign in with your LHD log on, and then search for “ED in charge”

  1. Oxylog 3000 Basics (Jo Deverill)  - (10 min)
    (683) Oxylog 3000 Basics - YouTube
  2. Owning the Oxylog 3000 (Dr George Douros)  - (30 min)
    (683) Owning the Oxylog 3000! - YouTube
  1. ACEM module on blood gas analysis (30 min)¤torg=&scoid=4016&sesskey=dxSiUYL0VT&display=popup&mode=normal
  2. Quick practice on the basics of interpretation (30 min)
  3. ANZCOR ABG workshop – case scenarios with questions (30 min)
  1. ACEM module: ACI, pulmonary oedema and arrhythmias (1 hour)¤torg=&scoid=3605&sesskey=dxSiUYL0VT&display=popup&mode=normal
  2. Arrhythmias – teaching and identifying (1 hour)
    1. Excellent interactive site on ECG learning – basic to advanced skills, teaching and quizzes
    2. Rhythm identification (click “learn”, and then “game” when you feel confident)
    3. ACEM ECG skills module¤torg=&scoid=3725&sesskey=dxSiUYL0VT&display=popup&mode=normal
  3. Transcutaneous pacing
  1. ACI credentialling modules: 1 x adult and 1 x paeds interactive module followed by a 20 min quiz. (2 hours)
  2. Procedural Sedation in children: An excellent summary using 3 case scenarios to take you through all the latest evidence on procedural sedation using ketamine, nitrous and midazolam. (30 min)