Mentoring for Financial Management

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People who have experienced an authentic empowering mentor can be deeply impacted in their positive development.

Finance in NSW Health is a new field for many, and the growth of mentoring in this area assists individuals make sense of a new language and skills.

This course provides a supportive, collaborative environment that ensures a shared language, enables a sense of accountability, and aims to increase confidence in the financial arena.

By developing proficient mentors within the organisation, capacity is built for collaboration, leading to behavourial and attitudinal change.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify key personal attributes and skills required to be an effective mentor
  • Recognise the phases of a mentoring relationship to guide the mentorship
  • Utilise tools and frameworks to conduct effective mentoring discussions
  • Be confident in approaching the mentoring engagement
  • Recognise the value of being a mentor to your own professional development
  • NSW Health finance partners
  • NSW Health business partners
  • Highly experienced NSW Health cost-centre managers
  • Workshops are scheduled at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
Duration and elements
  • 1 day face-to-face workshop
  • Please note: This course is adaptable for locally contextualised case studies to reflect the context of the organisation

Mentoring for Financial Management

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