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Term Descriptions

The AMC requires that “for all terms, health services have identified the intern outcome statements that are relevant, the skills and procedures that can be achieved and the nature and range of clinical experiences available to meet the objectives.”

The AMC specifies what these learning outcomes should be for each of the three core terms (Medicine, Emergency and Surgery­), and provide some guidelines for other terms in Intern training – Guidelines for terms.

HETI has reviewed and updated the Prevocational Training Term Description Template to ensure it meets the AMC requirments.

Key Changes:

  • For each term you will need to complete a new section on the top five “Term Learning Opportunities”
  • There is now a greater emphasis placed on the detail included in the unit timetable. This section should include all educational opportunities both facility wide and term specific, ward rounds, theatre sessions, inpatient time, outpatient clinics, shift handover, etc.

All new and revised terms submitted for accreditation are now required to be on the new template. All existing terms should be updated on the new template and submitted to HETI as part of the Prevocational Training Providers annual review of terms.

Each accredited term will need a term description on the new template by the time of the Providers next accreditation survey.


Further information on this change can be found on the AMC’s website.

If Prevocational Training Providers require assistance they can contact their HETI Prevocational Program Coordinator on 9844 6551.