Prevocational conference "From Surviving to Thriving"


WRaP EM is a group of passionate clinicians and medical educators who promote the concepts of Wellness, Resilience and Performance, from being considered “the soft stuff” to becoming a core part of Emergency Medicine practice.

Dr Alex Markwell and Dr Charley McNabb conducted a session at HETI Prevocational Conference 2019, focused on the development of wellbeing in healthcare professionals.

Overcoming Challenges in Internship

Dinesh was the first quadriplegic medical intern in Queensland, and the second person to graduate medical school with quadriplegia in Australia. Halfway through medical school, he was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident that caused a cervical spinal cord injury. As a result of his injury and experiences, Dinesh has been an advocate for inclusivity in medicine and the workplace generally. He is a founding member of Doctors with Disabilities Australia.

Retrospective analysis of Junior Medical Officer after hours workload in the Hunter New England Local Health District

Easing the transition from medical school to junior doctor

JMO Improvement Projects