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Feeding the Family: "You gotta do what you're gotta do" - A pilot research study into the strategies used by low income mothers to feed themselves and their families

Karla has worked in the health arena for almost a decade in various roles including population health, health promotion and health service planning. She has a Master of Public Health and a keen interest in health inequities, in particular, food insecurity. Karla currently works for a regional district health service.

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Do Rural Primary Health care nurses feel equipped for palliative care? The professional and personal impact on rural and remote primary health care nurses who are required to provide palliative care as part of their generalist role.

Melissa Cumming is a Clinical Nurse Consultant Grade 3 in Cancer and Palliative Care based in Broken Hill for the Far West LHD and has a Masters Degree in Palliative Care. Melissa began her specialist nursing career in Palliative Care in Sydney in 1987 and moved to Broken Hill in 1989 where she started the local Palliative Care Service. In her nearly 24 years in Broken Hill, Melissa has provided direct and consultative Palliative Care Services and education to many rural and remote communities in the former GWAHS. She has been a passionate advocate for rural and remote palliative care, and her research project topic reflects her interest in rural and remote service provision.

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Experiences of an Unsuccessful Ethical Application Process Involving Research on a Sensitive Topic Suicide in Older People in Rural Areas

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To investigate a competency-based training program to manage alcohol withdrawal at selected hospitals in the NCAHS

Michelle is a Clinical Nurse Consultant based at Lismore. Her area of specialty is Drug and Alcohol. Michelle has published a paper on this topic with coauthors Dr. Stephen Kermode and David Reilly.

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Seclusion Patterns within a NSW (Australia) Rural Area Health Service

Lynn is a Nurse Educator in the Coffs/Clarence Network. Both a clinical psychologist and a nurse, Lynn has had a long standing interest in research. Since completing her research as part of the Rural Research Capacity Building Program, Lynn has gone on to enrol in a PhD on this topic. Lynn also has a peer review article published.

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Rural Community Health Intake Study: Client Intake for Adult Counselling in Rural Community Health

Rohena is a Social Worker based at Byron Bay Community Health Centre. In addition to her role at NCAHS, Rohena also works part time with Charles Sturt University teaching in the Social Work and Human Services program.

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Trialling of a 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Program in a Rural Australian Child Protection Setting

Rosa is a PANOC Psychologist based at Grafton Community Health Centre and is currently Acting Area Coordinator of the PANOC services for the NCAHS.

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Hearty Health for Rural Women

Annie Flint is the GSAHS Women's Health Coordinator and is based in Bateman's Bay on the NSW south coast. Annie is currently acting in the role of Early Intervention Coordinator.

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A comparative study looking at the effectiveness of two different teaching methods used to improve the integration of the palliative approach into rural residential aged care facilities

During her time in the program Claudia worked as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Palliative Care with the Greater Western Area Health Service.

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Professional and personal support needs and future careers of NSW Hospital Pharmacy Graduates

Margaret Hewetson was previously Director of Pharmacy at Lismore Base Hospital. Her interests are HR oriented and particularly in identifying the important recruitment and retention factors for pharmacists in rural areas in order to build the department. Previously she worked in UK as Director of Medicines Information for London and South East England. In that position she worked with NHS Direct the 24 hour nurse-led health helpline and led the development of the NHS National electronic Library for Medicines

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The experiences of rural osteoarthritic patients

Janelle is a Physiotherapist working at a rural hospital in the Hunter Valley of NSW. Her interests include optimizing the management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions through services that are responsive to patients needs. Janelle believes that chronic conditions must be better managed in the future in order to cope with the needs of an ageing population.

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Partnerships for Healthier Communities: A study looking at the nature and extent of partnerships between a rural area health service and the local councils in the region

Alison Mac Taggart is currently Manager of Partnerships and Research with the Greater Southern Area Health Service. Fostering effective partnerships to build capacity to address social determinant and health equity issues is a key focus of her work.

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Does the use of the 'Pressure Sore Prediction Score' prompt nurses to initiate preventative strategies?

Karen is a Clinical Nurse Specialist based at Coffs Harbour Health Campus. Karen has recently been involved in a project aimed at reducing hospital admissions for residents of aged care facilities.

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Nurse Executives: Internal and External Influences in the Management of small rural hospitals

Debbie is the Area Nurse Manager of policy and evidence based practice and is based at Port Macquarie. Debbie has experience and qualifications in both nursing and management and has worked in rural NSW for nine years.

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The needs of rural Lung Cancer patients: Research study into the needs (met and unmet) of patients diagnosed with a primary lung cancer who reside within the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen or Nambucca Regions of the North Coast Area Health Service

Christine Stanford is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Oncology/Haematology at the North Coast Cancer Institute, Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

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They just don't like to wait: a comparative study of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who do not wait for treatment or discharge themselves against medical advice from rural emergency departments

Leanne is a Nurse Practitioner who works in the Emergency Department and has worked in Kempsey, Wauchope and Port Macquarie during the period of this study.

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Barriers to the early identification & intervention of early psychosis among young rural males

Rhonda's interest in researching was sparked during her previous role as Clinical Nurse Specialist in Hunter New England Health where she was the Early Psychosis Project Officer for the Northern region of HNEH. The research project commenced as part of the RRCBP and has led to Rhonda's recent award of a Masters of Nursing (Hons) at the University of New England. Rhonda is now a Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at UNE, and continues research and practice development collaborations with her colleagues in HNEH. She is involved in a number of other research projects. She is currently embarking on a PhD.

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