How to get involved

There are many opportunities to get involved with prevocational education and training at HETI.

Surveying - How to become a HETI Surveyor

Anyone who is a either a medical practitioner or someone with current experience in medical education and training with a strong interest in the education and training of junior doctors can apply to become a HETI surveyor.

Steps to becoming a surveyor:

  1. A surveyor application form must be completed and forwarded to HETI.
  2. HETI assesses the application and notifies the applicant if they are eligible to become a HETI surveyor.
  3. If the applicant is eligible HETI will send the applicant the following documentation:
  4. The applicant should read Prevocational Accreditation - a Guide for Surveyors
  5. The applicant should complete the Surveyor Exercises
  6. The applicant should submit the completed exercises electronically to HETI
  7. The Chair of the Prevocational Accreditation Committee will then assess the answers
  8. After successful completion of the Surveyor Training Exercises, the applicant will receive a letter from HETI advising that you can participate in surveys as a trainee team member.
  9. To complete the training phase, you will participate in a survey as a trainee surveyor.

Prevocational Accreditation Committee

The Prevocational Accreditation Committee (PAC) is comprised of dedicated volunteers who freely give their time and energies in pursuit of ensuring the training and education experience of junior doctors is an optimal one.

To become a member of the PAC you should submit an Expression of Interest via the HETI Program Coordinator’s information on the contact us page. On completion of the first tenure a further three years may be offered, after this time, HETI may extend an individual’s membership for the benefit of the PAC.

Prevocational Training Providers may make submissions to the PAC via their Program Coordinator. The meeting dates for the website can be found on the PAC webpage.

Prevocational Training Council (PvTC)

The Prevocational Training Council (PvTC) is comprised of volunteers from a broad range of roles and responsibilities across NSW Health Centres. A full list of the representative requirements for the council can be found on the PvTC webpage.

To become involved with the PvTC you must be nominated by a relevant organisation or through an Expression of Interest, with formal appointment by the HETI Executive. PvTC members are given 3 year appointments with a possible 3 year extension upon discussion with the chair and committee.

Discussion topics and issues can be brought to the council by first approaching the HETI Prevocational Education Team, or, if you are a Junior Doctor, by approaching your JMO Forum representative.

JMO Forum

The Junior Medical Officer (JMO) Forum is comprised of a PGY1 and 2 from each prevocational training network and a representative from each RPR network hospital. Representatives from the ACT are invited to participate.

Each Forum representative has an appointment of 2 years.

Even if you are not on the forum as a representative, you can have issues and relevant topics addressed by discussing them with your JMO Forum representative or contacting the Prevocational Education Team at HETI via the contact us page.