Prevocational Accreditation Committee (PAC)


The Prevocational Accreditation Committee (PAC) oversees the HETI accreditation program. The PAC makes decisions about accreditation of Providers, accreditation of terms and the conditions placed on a Provider’s accreditation.

The Prevocational Accreditation Committee (PAC) can award a Provider accreditation for a minimum period of six months up to a maximum period of four years. When there are specific issues that require attention, the PAC may award accreditation contingent on the Provider addressing Conditions within a given period of time. The PAC may also decide that a Focus Visit is required to ensure Conditions have been addressed.

The PAC also reviews summaries of the Providers’ Annual Reports on Accreditation. The Annual Reports are due on the anniversary of a Providers accreditation (excluding years when they are scheduled for an accreditation survey). If the PAC considers it necessary to conduct an investigation into what is reported, HETI will notify the General Manager of the Provider and conduct investigations as requested by the PAC. Annual reports are also reviewed by the Prevocational Training Council.

Meeting Frequency

The PAC meets on the third Thursday of every month. You can download the meeting dates and closing dates for submissions to the PAC for 2020 and 2021.

Terms of Reference

Download a copy of the PAC's Terms of Reference.

Conflict of Duty and Interest

HETI has a procedure for managing conflicts of duties and interest that can arise for members of the PAC, please refer to the Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Section of the Accreditation Procedure and the HETI Medical Portfolio Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest Declaration Form.