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Leadership Programs

Course and AudienceOverview
NSW Health Leadership Program (HLP)

For NSW Health managers and clnicians

  • A 36-month program consisting of a nine to twelve-month implementation phase and 24 month sustainability phase. The program is designed to grow the sustained capability of clinicians, managers and executives to advance State Health Plan priorities and tackle the most critical strategic challenges locally
  • The program aims to bring clinicians and nonclinicians together from diverse professions and levels in organisational hierarchy to work in collaboration to address adaptive challenges
The Next Generation of Leaders and Managers within NSW Health Program

For NSW Health staff seeking health manager roles

  • A 24-month program designed to facilitate the development of emerging health managers with demonstrated leadership and management capability
  • The program aims to develop leaders who will foster a culture of excellence, innovation and collaboration to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality healthcare to patients, families, carers and communities within NSW
NSW Health Senior Executive Development Program

NSW Health Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 managers and senior executives

  • A ten-month program for staff to develop the leadership capability to operate effectively in a broader range of senior executive roles within NSW Health
  • The program builds a pool of executives and provides a sustainable state-wide talent development strategy for future senior executive service and Chief Executive positions within NSW Health
Leadership Quarters

NSW Health executives, senior clinicians, senior non-clinicians and senior managers

  • The events are designed to provide a forum for executives, senior clinicians and non-clinicians to discuss health leadership related topics
  • International experts, thought leaders and researchers present and provoke dialogue relevant to the NSW Health context