Health Business Fundamentals

This is Module 1 of the Financial Management Essentials Series (FMES)

The FMES improves financial resource management awareness, capability, and sustainability within NSW Health.

A foundational module designed for NSW Health staff who wish to increase their awareness in financial resource sustainability. Participants build knowledge in financial terminology and develop skills to support successful budget management, increasing employee accountability whilst promoting financial integrity.

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Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate awareness of the context surrounding NSW Health’s patient centred approach
  • Examine important financial terminology and budget basics
  • Recognise key financial roles and responsibilities
  • Identify how to contribute to the sustainability of NSW Health
  • NSW Health staff
  • Workshops are delivered online using Zoom to connect participants across locations state-wide
Duration and elements
  • 4-hour virtual interactive classroom


  • These workshops are designed for staff to participate in online group discussions via an individual computer, not in a shared physical setting with other participants


  • Computer/ laptop
  • Webcam
  • Audio (computer speakers or headphones) and Microphone or call in via phone
  • Fast and reliable internet connection


  • A quiet space to work individually without disruptions