HETI accreditation process

New Providers

Hospitals and other health care facilities who would like to become accredited to train Prevocational Trainees need to meet The Prevocational Education and Training Accreditation Standards.

Pre Survey

Six months prior to the survey HETI will contact the General Manager (or equivalent) of the Provider to inform them of the upcoming survey, confirm a date, and request the Pre-Survey documentation. The following documentation is required:

At Survey

At the survey, HETI surveyors will conduct confidential interviews as well as tour the Provider and its facilities, as well as any facilities where offsite terms of the Provider being surveyed are located. The HETI Surveyors may request further documentation or meetings if more information is required. At the end of the survey the team will debrief and discuss the preliminary findings with the Executive staff and the Director of Prevocational Education and Training.

After Survey

The survey team will submit the finalised report to the Prevocational Education and Training. The PAC will receive a verbal report from the team leader and discuss the survey report. The Committee will decide the length of accreditation and any conditions on the Providers accreditation.


To ensure that prevocational trainees receive a balanced mix of clinical experiences and a variety of training opportunities, Providers are classified as either a Five Term Home Prevocational Training Provider, Three Term Home Prevocational Training Provider, Rotation Hospital Prevocational Training Provider or Offsite Term. Providers must comply with the criteria pertaining to their classification.

Surveyor Management and Hospital Survey Composition

HETI has developed this policy to provide consistency and transparency in the management of surveyors and in the composition of survey teams.