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Medical Graduate Recruitment

Applications for medical internship in 2019 will open on 14 May 2018.

 How to apply for an internship

Applicant User Guide      Supporting documents checklist

Medical Graduate Recruitment Procedure

Available recruitment pathways

Aboriginal Medical Workforce    Rural Preferential Recruitment   

Direct Regional Allocation          Optimised Allocation


Information to apply for internship

NSW priority list                                                                Important key recruitment dates

Network and accreditated facilities                                    How does the algorithm work?

Important information about visas                                     Pre-employment checks

Important information for category 3 applicants               How to certify my documents

Internship numbers                                                             New Northern Beaches Hospital 2018


Other application opportunities

Job Share and Part Time information Guide                       Extenuating Circumstances


Background information

Term dates

Outcome Report for 2017 Medical Graduate Recruitment, Prevocational Accreditation, Education and Training 2016

The Prevocational Workforce Distribution Formula

For more information about NSW medical graduate recruitment email enquiries to


or telephone (02) 9844 6562