Medical Graduate Recruitment

Applications for the 2018 clinical year have now closed.

Round 2 Offers were completed on Friday 25 August 2017.  Offer Period 3 runs from 7 September to 22 September 2017.


Internship Position Updates

The table below sets out the number of PGY1 vacancies in each of the NSW Prevocational Training Networks as at 6 September 2017.

The data in this table will be updated after the closure of each of the National Offer Periods.

NSW Postgraduate Year 1 Position Capacity for the 2018 Clinical Year (updated 6 Sept 2017)


How to apply for an internship

>Applicant User Guide      >Supporting documents checklist


Available recruitment pathways

>Aboriginal Medical Workforce    >Rural Preferential Recruitment   

>Direct Regional Allocation          >Optimised Allocation


Information to apply for internship

>NSW priority list                                                                      >Important key recruitment dates

>Network and accreditated facilities                                       >How does the algorithm work?

>Important information about visas                                             >Pre-employment checks

>Important information for category 3 applicants                      >How to certify my documents

>Internship numbers                                                                 >New Northern Beaches Hospital 2018


Other application opportunities

>Job Share and Part Time information Guide                       >Extenuating Circumstances


Background information

>Term dates

>Outcome Report for 2017 Medical Graduate Recruitment, Prevocational Accreditation, Education and Training 2016

>The Prevocational Workforce Distribution Formula

For more information about NSW medical graduate recruitment email enquiries to

or telephone (02) 9844 6562