The BPT Networks

Each network is a group of training sites (comprising of metropolitan, outer-metropolitan and rural training sites) that operate together as part of a combined training program. There are eleven Basic Physician Training networks in NSW. These networks are endorsed by College, Health Department and Health Services and are supported by governance structures and dedicated staff. Each network has the same structure, including an NGC (Network Governance Committee) and specific network staff.

Each network has a Network Director of Physician Education (NDPE), an Education Support Officer (ESO) and each training site has one or more Directors of Physician Education (DPE).

For information on individual networks, contact the relevant network staff:

NetworkNetwork CompositionNetwork Director of Physician TrainingEducation Support Officer
Concord Concord, Canterbury, Blue Mountains, Tweed HeadsDr Anthony Linton

Ms Angeline Donald

P: (02) 9767 8469

NepeanNepean, Ryde, Bathurst*, Tweed HeadsDr Grant Shalaby

P: 0421 905 500

Ms Helen Wurth

P: (02) 4734 2346

East Coast Medical Prince of Wales, Sydney, Royal Hospital for Women, Port Macquarie, Shellharbour, Lismore

ECM Website

Dr Paul Hamor

P: (02) 9382 2251

Ms Regina Bohler

P: (02) 9382 8881

Hunter Regional

John Hunter, Mater Newcastle, Belmont, Maitland, Manning Base Taree, Tamworth, Wyong

Hunter Regional BPT Website

Dr James Lynam

P: (02) 4014 3564

Ms Cheryl Brook

P: (02) 4985 5406

Illawarra MedicalWollongong, Shellharbour, Bulli, Port KemblaA/Prof Christopher Dunn

P: (02) 4253 4883

Ms Sarah Aquilina

P: (02) 4253 4883

LiverpoolLiverpool, Fairfield, Tweed HeadsDr Hari Nandakoban

P: (02) 8738 8308

Ms Shaynee Yarworth

P: (02) 8738 3239

Northern Sydney Coastal Royal North Shore, Gosford, Mona Vale, Manly, Lismore Dr Adrian Lee

P: (02) 9436 1288

Ms Kerrie Turner

P: (02) 9463 1288

Royal Prince Alfred Royal Prince Alfred, Bankstown, Balmain, Dubbo, Bathurst,* Alice Springs

RPA BPT website

Dr Imre Hunyor

P: (02) 9515 7692

Ms Sue Alexander

P: (02) 9515 6306

St George St George, Sutherland, Coffs Harbour, Shoalhaven, Wagga WaggaDr Kelly Stanton

P: (02) 9113 2644

Ms Jennifer Simmons

P: (02) 9113 2644


St Vincent's South West St Vincent's, Campbelltown, Wagga Wagga A/Prof Cameron Holloway

P: (02) 8382 1111

Ms Emily DuPont

P: (02) 8382 2932

Westmead Westmead, Blacktown, Mt Druitt, Hornsby, Orange Dr Andrew Henderson

P: (02) 9845 7970

Ms Billie Bridges

P: (02) 8890 7945

Evaluating Education and Training in the Networks

Term Evaluations

Each term, every trainee is required to complete a term evaluation form and submit it to their Network Education Support Officer. This feedback is important for ensuring that trainees are able to provide feedback on education, training and supervision within their network. Term Evaluation feedback is used by the Networks to make necessary changes to their training program.

Progress Review

Progress review forms are completed at the end of each term (four times per year) by the term supervisors. These forms provide each trainee with important feedback on their performance throughout the term and are used as part of their ongoing appraisal. All progress review forms are reviewed by the Network Director of Physician Training.

The networks have adopted the RACP Ward Service Consultant Form.